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Oracle Delphi Series I
Cost:  $300.00

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Oracle turntables are always a thing of beauty. However one of their biggest downfalls is that after the years pass they lose much of their original luster.


Well folks here is a stunning example of an Oracle I with its original Fidelity Research FR-64S tone arm.

This original Oracle I was manufactured in 1979 it came to us in a sad state.

Heavily oxidized & in desperate need of a major overhaul.

It received that extra special loving touch that only we can offer.

Its facelift included our famous mirror polishing treatment. A complete overhaul of the entire suspension system, an NOS Oracle mat & an overhaul of the FR-64S


I think we can all agree that now it is truly a stunning musical instrument.

Worthy of the name Oracle & Fidelity Research