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The new KR300BXLS is an ultra-linear, low frequency, high power triode tube capable of producing 25 watts of pure class-A power. This tube features a new ribbon filament construction and the KR Enterprise exclusive patent design with 32 cathodes. The KR300BXLS tubes possess a vacuum of 10(-8) Torr, a maximum grid current of 2.0 microamperes and absolutely constant emission over the life of the tube. All KR Enterprise tubes are warranted for a period of 1 year.

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Specifications Value
Pure Class-A Power (watts) 15-24
Plate Voltage Average (Volts) 450
Plate Voltage Maximum (Volts) 600
Plate Current Average (mA) 100
Plate Current Maximum (mA) 160
Plate Dissipation (watts) 70
Transconductance (mA/V) 4.8
Grid Voltage -95
Amplification Factor 3.6
Plate Resistance (ohms) 650
Load Resistance (ohms) 2000
THD (%) <0.1
Power Output (watts) 18
Filament Voltage (volts DC/AC) 5
Filament Current (A) 1.9